Sometimes Less is More

As a developer it can be hard to know when you have done enough. It almost easier to keep adding new features and functions than it is to compile the code and step away from the keyboard.

That’s the scenarios we encountered in creating Buzz, our new social media management platform. There are many excellent, extremely deep social media tools out there. We know them well, since we partner with the Mass Relevance, Never.No and other leaders in the field.

We’re trying to do something else. While the hype machine makes it easy to think that social media is the norm, the truth is that a lot of our customers—in fact much of the broadcast world in general—is still in the very early stages of figuring out the role of social media in their operations. While some have the budget and the cushion to experiment, the vast majority of broadcasters want a measured approach that will enable to answer key questions:

  • Can we manage social media reliably with existing resources?
  • Can we monetize social media or is it just a new cost of doing business?
  • Does social media actually increase engagement with our users?

While it is early days to declare our measured approach with Buzz a success, we were thrilled that it was acknowledged by the IBC Conference with the “What Caught My Eye” award and by TVB Europe which named Buzz “Best of Show.”

How will we know we are truly successful? As more of our customers add Buzz software to their Pixel Power graphics systems, we are looking to see which of them report social media has become a integral part of their day-to-day operations. If they make the jump to one of the big complex systems, we’ll know that we helped them get their start.

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