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Do we really need master control?

Artificial intelligence, AI, the buzz in our industry right now, can do better than humans in many situations, but can it truly replace the Master Control operation in broadcasting, that last bastion of technical and regulatory quality?
How much is traditional master control still relevant in our highly automated, machine learning, IP connected age?

What consolidation means for automation

Consolidation is a big thing in the broadcast industry at the moment

It has both good and not so good implications for both vendors and broadcasters.

Does automation mean slashing staff?

“Robots are not here to take away our jobs. They are here to give us a promotion."

Is channel in a box dead?

Maybe a better question would be “was channel in a box ever a real thing?”

Why Do We Need Automation Today?

Today the big challenge of playout automation has gone away - we now need a different, smarter, automation for completely workflows across the whole broadcast portfolio.

The Uberfication of Broadcast

Are we witnessing the Uberfication, or Skypefication, of broadcast amid the buzz of an industry on the point of serious change?

Doing It !

Yesterday evening I attended an IABM UK Council event held in central London hosted by Turner Broadcasting. Sometimes I think these events can be contrived but this one was different, very different...

Change isn’t what it used to be – keep up

What can we learn from Aristotle and Plato about change and what's happening in the broadcast technology sector right now? Who are the players creating real change that adds real value to the bottom line?

The State of the Broadcast Industry mid 2017

The broadcast industry is undergoing a period of significant change in the underlying technology used to manage the creation, production and delivery of content from creators to consumers.
Such change can enable real opportunity provided the technology enabler is used wisely and with creative vision.

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