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Ahead of the Pack at NAB 2016

At NAB this year we pulled off something that I think no-one else has ever done and we’d like to shout about it.

The challenges for social media integration

If social media is to have any value for the programme then it must be immediate. No-one is interested in what someone things about an event ten minutes ago. 

Sometimes Less is More

As a developer it can be hard to know when you have done enough. It almost easier to keep adding new features and functions than it is to compile the code and step away from the keyboard.

What’s the real role of the modern broadcast manufacturer?

Business requirements

At the risk of being accused of donning my rose-tinted glasses, I think we can safely say that the role of broadcast manufacturers in the sales and installation process has changed. Once upon a time, a manufacturer sold a box, provided a bit of advice and support during installation, and then was expected to leave. Well, in truth, I’m not sure that for broadcast playout equipment things were ever quite so black and white, but there’s no doubt that recent years have seen our role change.

Where are we at with CiAB at the end of 2013?

a tv in a cardboard box

Something has gone wrong in the world of channel-in-a-box. This is a technology – or really a set of technologies – that has occupied the headlines many times over the past few years. But the discussion around this industry subsector seems to us to be dominated by technologies and their specific capabilities at the expense of more rational discussion about business cases.

What do we need to do today to be ready for 4K?


At the risk of sounding negative, it seems that 4K isn’t going to go away. It’s moved beyond development and is already being deployed for key applications like super slo-mo sports replays. So as a manufacturer, how do we know when there is enough momentum for us to fully commit?

The disconnect with connected TV

Smart internet tv

I fear that madness may have descended upon the connected TV market. Why? Well, in two ways. Let’s step back to the days before so many devices “benefited” from internet connectivity.  From the early 90s – pioneered in the US by cable operators and set-top box manufacturers – two-way connectivity to allow on-demand content access and this has been a motivating goal for many in the industry.

The Difference between new and Important

IBC logo

Spend a few days at an event like IBC and it is hard to not be dazzled by all the new and shiny tech. 1500 vendors are packed into one place, all vying for the attention of attendees, journalists, award voters and, of course, buyers.

The social media hype

Social media channels

Social media is a big deal; even we have finally taken to a blog, Facebook and the occasional tweet. Broadcasters have rightfully taken notice.

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