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  • Blog | Ciaran Doran | 2 Apr 2018

    Today the big challenge of playout automation has gone away - we now need a different, smarter, automation for completely workflows across the whole broadcast portfolio.

  • White paper

    In this paper we take a look at the case for higher resolution production – 4K and even 8K. Also considering other initiatives for better picture quality, including higher frame rates and dynamic range/colour gamut.

  • Case study

    With direct viewer engagement becoming an increasingly important component of the Big Brother experience, Big Brother: After Dark producers sought to enhance their share of the franchise by integrating viewer-generated tweets, tweets from celebrities and former contestants, and responses from production staff with the on air presentation.  Frustrated by the high cost and complexity of some of the specialized social media management packages on the market, TVGN turned to the Buzz social media platform from Pixel Power.