• Dynamic automated graphics generation

    Computer designer

    Effective branding and promotional graphics (channel graphics) are essential in today’s competitive broadcasting landscape in order to provide clear channel identity and also to differentiate output. Not only that, but informative graphics also play a vital role in enhancing viewer “stickiness”.

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  • Making the Transition to IP

    Pixelated face

    It is seemingly inarguable that the future architectures of broadcast and media facilities will use COTS hardware – low cost standard products from the IT industry – and IP connectivity.

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  • New requirements in a multichannel world

    In this paper, you'll learn...

    • How to cope with the growing demand for increased channel count and multi-format distribution whilst controlling capital outlay and operating expense

    • Why channel branding graphics and in-program promotions are key to improving channel identity and retention figures

    • How collapsing the channel equipment chain into a smaller number of devices leads to cost and power savings

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  • Rethinking playout for a multichannel world

    In this paper, you'll learn...

    • How to integrate server control with other playout functions to reduce equipment footprint and simplify operations

    • How you can achieve cost and power savings from a single box solution without compromising branding power and flexibility or suffering automation lock-in.

    • Why supporting full live operation in an integrated device allows for a standardized playout chain for all channels

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  • WHITEPAPER: Smarter Branding

    It seems obvious to say it, but in a multi-channel environment audiences have a lot of channels to choose from. So it is important that they know which channel they are on so they can keep coming back to it.

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  • WHITEPAPER: The current state of 4k and Ultra HD

    4k comparison

    In this paper we take a look at the case for higher resolution production – 4K and even 8K. Also considering other initiatives for better picture quality, including higher frame rates and dynamic range/colour gamut.

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