Article: Building a better connected world

MediaTech 360 kicked off with a roundtable hosted by Huawei to discuss a recent white paper they completed with Vodafone, looking at broadcast and the cloud. However, debate among the roundtable attendees soon turned to the possibility of IP being involved in playout.

Sinead Greenaway, director of operations and technology at UKTV, was very vocal on the subject, telling the other attendees “Oh God, are we still talking about this ? I feel like we’ve already got a hugely mixed economy. All of our digital based activity is IP. Our job is more about bringing the old engineering and ‘box’ world into this new world.” ...........

........... Roundtable chairman Niall Duffy then posed the question, is there room for smaller vendors in the playout space? Ciaran Doran, executive vice president – global sales and marketing at Pixel Power said he thinks broadcasters get what they want – the best in breed. “If you look at the last 15-20 years in terms of Channel in a Box type scenarios, you’ll find a broadcaster saying ‘oh well that’s great’,” he said. “What this enables is a much more level playing field in terms of smaller vendors accelerating because they don’t have the baggage to drop. It’s exactly the same in the broadcasting world where you’ve got the likes of Google and Amazon and Netflix who’ve come up with no baggage and all of a sudden from nowhere they’re producing content that’s competing with the major companies. All that happens in any industry, it happens in the hardware and software industry as well.”

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