Broadcast Film & Video: 2019 - The Year of Change!

The advent of IP has driven significant change. No longer are people combing the marketplace for bespoke hardware instead seeking out the benefits of software-defined and cloud-based solutions.

With the big players such as Netflix and Amazon changing the landscape of the industry, OTT and live streaming dominate, with IP workflows playing centre stage.

Virtualization ticks many of the boxes; monetary and time saving in an ever-increasing cost driven marketplace, and a reduced carbon footprint in an age where climate change is rarely out of the headlines. Broadcasters must maintain if not improve their services with little extra cost to the end user.

However, the pessimist in me cannot help but think that IP has been over-hyped (SDI is still very much around). IP is still a work in progress and the cloud still relatively undiscovered in terms of what it can really enable broadcasters to do.

With large, medium, and small businesses all competing, acquisition and mergers are inevitable.  We’ve seen several this year and it’s not just advantageous for those who take the plunge, it leaves room in the marketplace for new start-ups as well as new technologies. We should know – having been acquired by Rohde & Schwarz a year ago we have been able to enjoy the benefits that such an acquisition can bring.

We’ve invested in not only in our products; bringing to the market the newly developed ‘CREATE’ and ‘StreamMaster PRODUCE’ graphics creation solutions, incorporated industry standards but invested in our team, welcoming ten new members of staff. In turn, it has not just benefitted us, it has benefitted the customers and the end users.

Arguably one of the only things about the industry that has not changed is the grey-haired majority that continue to dominate, although we like to think we are beginning to change this in our own organisation by hiring great young talent. Initiatives to diversify the industry have been a resounding success, with a more varied collection of individuals entering the sector, but as with most things, it takes time. This industry is exciting, and we need to get this message out there – new blood mixed with old blood could lead to some fantastic developments in the future!

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