Gallium Factory automates multi-platform preparation for VOD and catch-up

Video On Demand is one of the fastest growth areas of the broadcast market with a staggering market size of $14billion in North America alone and every broadcaster is working hard to serve this lucrative market.

Pixel Power has developed Gallium FACTORY, an already proven automated workflow application, to create all the assets required for a complex, multi-platform video on demand or catch-up service, without the need for user intervention.

For several years Gallium FACTORY has been deployed with major broadcasters aroudn the world to deliver an automated workflow for the creation of all versions of a promo or programme clip. In doing so it eliminates unproductive manual work, renders the finsihed sequences and delivers them to transmission or asset management.

Rather than waiting until a programme has been transmitted, then processing and transcoding it for VOD, the Gallium FACTORY approach allows this to be prepared in advance, with each version tailored according to a specific set of rules. This ensures that each version has the correct branding and the appropriate triggers for advertising at the point of delivery, while stripping out commercials, voiceovers and branding from the broadcast version. The result is that the content is optimised for each platform and screen size, with suitable branding. Most importantly, revenue opportunities are maximised.

Gallium FACTORY is built on the Pixel Power Gallium Workflow Orchestration platform. This interrogates the playout automation system to determine what content needs to be prepared for VOD, then pulls the assets direct from archive or secondary storage. According to rules defined by the broadcaster, it determines which versions should be created, adds the branding, graphics and metadata, and renders each version much faster than real time. The resulting content is prepared to the highest standards and loaded into the VOD server for immediate access at the pre-set time.

Traditional workflows to create assets for video on demand and catch-up services is very labour intensive and therefore operationally costly.

Gallium FACTORY eliminates the need for manual operations, but more importantly, as a software defined solution it is ready for virtualization. Users can tailor the capabilities they need through flexible licensing and scale the system up and down to meet changing demand. A virtualized workflow accelerates the speed of delivery of assets, allowing services to grow without heavy additional costs. Revenues can be boosted, costs controlled and audience engagement greatly enhanced.

Other applications for Factory include the automated production of broadcast assets such as trailers and marketing content.

Take a look at the largest commercial broadcaster in the United Kingdom, ITV who used Gallium FACTORY to create as many as 1000 promos each month, fully automated.

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