Graphics to Emphasize New Tech, Efficiency

By Andrew Bowser, TVNewsCheck

Whether it’s news, sports, or weather, broadcast graphics at the 2018 NAB Show will reflect new features designed to automate tasks, streamline workflows and otherwise make things simpler for broadcasters trying to do more with less.

Mike O’Connell, EVP of Pixel Power, says more customers are seeking to manage efficiencies across a broad set of workflows so they can use graphics and branding in a more powerful manner.For example, the preparation of fully branded video on demand assets can be automated up front with all the graphics required for multiple OTT and catch-up services, rather than waiting until programs have aired.

“The key is the combination of total automation without any operator intervention plus the enhanced viewer experience that fresh branding and graphics delivers on the VOD channels,” O’Connell says.

Another example of workflow automation is in promo versioning. Pixel Power is deploying fully automated solutions that gives a broadcaster’s marketing department full control over the promo graphic from the very beginning.

“End boards are approved up front, information is entered once, schedule changes kick-start the re-versioning automatically, and so on,” O’Connell says “This puts the power back into the hands of the business side of the broadcaster by getting the technology to work for them, rather than the other way around.”


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