Success breeds success and at Pixel Power, we are celebrating the innovative and disruptive use of our products and solutions on a global scale. As a software company, we specialise in helping you, our customers, make your brands and businesses more exciting, efficient and competitive.

Virtualization is the buzz of the industry, as we predicted last Christmas, and our customers all over the world are asking us how we can help them deploy virtualized playout solutions either in their own data-centres or from the public cloud. Pixel Power has virtualized the complete playout process including live feeds, sophisticated 3D branding and intelligent automation so that you can now start to use the flexibility of this playout method to help your broadcast business become more innovative with how you reach your viewers.

During the next six weeks, we are preparing to meet customers, old and new, at IBC2017 in Amsterdam. If you would like to meet and learn more about Pixel Power playout solutions whether traditional SDI or virtualized in the cloud, just click here.

ITV shortlisted for IBC award with Pixel Power!
ITV, the largest independent broadcaster in the UK has automated its trailer production using Pixel Power Factory and is shortlisted for a major industry award at IBC2017.

Factory is being seamlessly integrated into the ITV campaign management system, ITV Phoenix, and delivering more than 1,000 different versions of promotional trailers each month. Learn more

Factory from Pixel Power: technology at the heart of ITV Project Phoenix for on-air, off-air marketing campaigns

IBC at 50: Pixel Power at 30
This is the 50th year of IBC and Pixel Power celebrates its own 30th birthday! For 30 years, Pixel Power has had a strong reputation of trust and innovation as a software company at the heart of the global broadcast industry - creating products and solutions that are at the cutting edge of technical achievement. Join us to celebrate IBC 50th and Pixel Power 30th in Hall 7 Stand A31 where we will be demonstrating live virtualized playout from the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Witness true, live, real-time playout with 3D graphics & live feeds.

Click here to register for IBC. Use code #3904 for free visitor registration

New Technology Platforms – Disruptive Pricing Models
Earlier this year Pixel Power launched two new technology platforms that are disrupting the world of virtualized and software-only solutions: StreamMaster Media Processing and Gallium Workflow Orchestration.

While you may have heard the names StreamMaster and Gallium before it's because these were the two original names we gave to products that are deeply embedded in our playout and automation solutions launched two years ago. The two new technology platforms deliver flexible and powerful feature sets and product combinations for broadcasters moving to cloud and virtualized solutions.

The disruption is not only in how you configure the solution that’s right for your business but in how you want to pay for the feature sets within it. Ultra flexibility across feature sets is the key that enables us to help you to help your customers create exciting and new television businesses.

StreamMaster Media Processing enables broadcasters to execute processing functions to media content. Running on COTS hardware on premise, in a data centre or the public cloud. StreamMaster Media Processing enables authoring, transcoding, logos/graphics manipulation, content rendering, real-time master control or real-time graphics and DVE delivery.

Gallium Workflow Orchestration enables broadcasters to execute workflow tasks with media content. This enables a broadcaster to automate content to play out at selected times, automate addition/removal of graphics, branding or logos, prepare content packaging for the regionalisation/localisation of content according to the business demands.

In addition, each of these platforms has functional blocks within the platform that can be delivered as different combinations. We have already made some of these combinations available as separate products that deliver specific functions. For example our “Factory” product uses the rendering engine and the audio block from StreamMaster Media Processing and also uses the Business Logic, Versioning, MAM and Monitoring/Control blocks from Gallium Workflow Orchestration.

This delivers a versatile solution that allows you to produce Video On Demand assets automatically or creates multiple versions of promo assets automatically.

Ciaran Doran | Exec VP | Pixel Power
Office: +44 1223 721 000 | Cell: +44 7775 581301
email: cdoran@pixelpower.com


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