Pixel Power to demonstrate proven Virtualized Playout

Las Vegas, NAB, booth SL8320: Pixel Power, the global automation, branding and graphics innovator, leads the industry in implementing real-world virtualized playout & automation solutions which can be deployed in your data center or in the public cloud.

At NAB2017 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 24 – 27 April, booth SL8320) Pixel Power will be demonstrating its software-defined tools including StreamMaster™ Media Processing and Gallium™ Workflow Orchestration in virtualized and cloud implementations.

Dedicated to the broadcast industry for 30 years, Pixel Power understands the critical issues facing media companies, and particularly audience retention through branding and channel identity as well as high quality output. The company’s sophisticated graphics and DVE capabilities are integral to its playout automation, even in virtualized and cloud solutions, providing all the functionality required in a single package.

“We believe that 2017 will be the year of virtualization,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “But we see a lot of companies promising much and delivering little. We have moved beyond the proof of concept stage and have delivered virtualized systems, which are relied on to guarantee revenue streams, at broadcasters and media companies around the world, including in the USA.”

Maintaining audience engagement and consistent branding remains a challenge, and Pixel Power also offers a suite of productivity tools. These include the popular Factory™, which adds a layer of intelligence to the Pixel Power Clarity™ graphics engine, working with media management processes to automatically generate large quantities of sophisticated promos, trailers and other marketing content, slashing 50% or more of the post production time and budget.

“Pixel Power has always been a software company, and now we can harness the power of standard platforms to build systems which are flexible and powerful,” said Gilbert. “We have developed our software to be completely modular, so we can construct a precisely tailored bespoke solution for any client, built from our standardized and proven software building blocks.

“It also allows us to apply innovative pricing models to our products,” he added. “Users can make their own choices about capital or operational expenditure, about purchased licences or pay as you use, and about discrete appliances, virtualization in a data centre or implementation in the public cloud. The result is that each user gets the system that is appropriate, effective, resilient and meets their business models, both when it is initially deployed and as their business evolves over time.”

Find Pixel Power at NAB2017 on booth SL8320, where it will be demonstrating its full range of graphics, branding, channel playout, workflow and content creation automation systems.

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