Pixel Power launches StreamMaster PRODUCE for multi-channel, multi-operator virtualizable graphics production

Pixel Power, the global automation, branding and graphics innovator, is extending its highly customisable, evolutionary platform with a new set of functionality. StreamMaster PRODUCE will be launched at IBC2018 and builds on both the company’s 30-year track record in graphics excellence with its modular, software defined media processing technology platform.

At IBC2018 the company will demonstrate StreamMaster PRODUCE; a software defined production graphics engine. Being designed from the ground up purely in software StreamMaster PRODUCE changes the game and delivers enormous power and flexibility by offering multi-channel and multi-user operation. StreamMaster PRODUCE brings a fresh approach to graphics creation, production and delivery and sits alongside the existing StreamMaster BRAND and StreamMaster DELIVERY systems, which bring proven software to the core requirements for channel branding, master control and integrated playout.
“There is a shift in broadcasting from channel quantity to the power of branding”, said James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. “Brand importance, how quickly it can be created, refreshed and promoted across all the broadcaster’s outputs is a key deliverable and a major differentiator for the broadcaster. We have now created a complete suite of software defined, virtualizable tools from graphics & branding creation through master control, automation & playout and all running on COTS hardware. With the launch of StreamMaster PRODUCE at IBC2018 we are bringing the power and flexibility of the StreamMaster technology platform to the world of graphics creation and production.

Pixel Power has implemented a product strategy founded on two core platforms: StreamMaster Media Processing and Gallium Workflow Orchestration. All functionality is implemented in software that runs on standard COTS hardware and can be deployed on premise, in a data centre or in the public cloud.
StreamMaster PRODUCE brings all the graphics quality and functionality for which Pixel Power is renowned, into a highly efficient, workflow-aware creative platform. This technology platform also supports creation tools and automated production that ensures artists spend the maximum amount of time on productive creative work, leaving repetitive tasks like versioning and delivery to asset management to be automatically managed.

Broadcasters can choose multi-user configurations, allowing the same software to exist in multiple instances, so a number of artists can be creating new content simultaneously, while Gallium workflows manage automated versioning and delivery to broadcast and online asset management and delivery systems.
“Pixel Power has been trusted in graphics delivery for 30 years,” James Gilbert concluded. “Graphics are at the very heart of the broadcast business through the power of the brand, its look and feel. Adding StreamMaster PRODUCE to StreamMaster BRAND and StreamMaster DELIVER extends the scope of our trusted systems. With this, Pixel Power has created a flexible, customisable, agile platform that will continue to adapt to the needs of our users.”
Pixel Power technology will be demonstrated at IBC2018 on stand 7.A05

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