Pixel Power presents new graphics creation and playout solutions for the virtualizable world at CABSAT 2019

“Broadcasters need technology to be simple and reliable, giving them the agility to easily add and modify services that the market demands,” said James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. “Power and agility is what really matters to them. It is up to innovative companies like Pixel Power to develop platforms that meet their expectations and are affordable and easy to implement.

“This is why we have designed a completely fresh solution - it encompasses the needs of today’s industry,” Gilbert explained. “While other solutions ‘evolve’ legacy designs, we have re-imagined both the functionality and how it can be delivered. This is why our solutions can be precisely tailored for each client ready to take full benefit of virtualization and the cloud. They are the most advanced solutions on the market and are already being deployed by major broadcasters around the world right now.”

The Pixel Power approach is built around two key technology platforms: StreamMaster Media Processing for video, audio and graphics processing, and Gallium Workflow Orchestration for automated asset creation or playout. Each technology platform allows individual implementations to be precisely tailored to the end user. Together they deliver unbeatable performance coupled with the most efficient use of COTS hardware.

The latest implementation of these elements is StreamMaster PRODUCE, the multi-channel, multi-operator virtualisable graphics creation and playout solution. This game-changing tool brings a fresh approach to graphics creation, production and delivery. It brings all the graphics quality and functionality for which Pixel Power is renowned, into a highly efficient, workflow-aware creative platform.

StreamMaster BRAND is a software-defined branding and graphics playout engine for 24/7 transmission. It is format agnostic, scalable and flexible, and efficiently automates graphics playout and channel branding. Its cost-effectiveness means that online servers, tier two and tier three channels can now have the same branding values as tier one broadcasts.

StreamMaster DELIVER is an integrated playout engine for linear and OTT channels, which, because it is virtualised and running on COTS hardware, can be readily scaled at a moment’s notice. It offers realtime master control of live feeds, even when hosted in the cloud. With full realtime graphics and DVE functionality, it readily supports even premium channels.

Gallium PLAYOUT is an integrated, sophisticated and scalable platform for scheduling, asset management and playout automation. It provides the intelligence for multi-channel playout, channel-in-a-box or enterprise-standard automated transmission. It reduces workload, enhances delivery qualities and maintains consistency across any channel count.

Gallium FACTORY is a file-based content packaging solution that automatically generates sophisticated clips, promos or trailers through the use of intelligent graphics templates. Key information can be entered by the commissioning producer and, thanks to Factory’s direct access to the asset management system, all the many versions of each piece of content can be created automatically, eliminating unrewarding and unproductive manual work.

“We have talked to broadcasters around the world to determine what they really need for the challenges of today and tomorrow,” concluded James Gilbert. “Our virtualizable software-defined approach is the underlying enabling technology that will help them realise their goals.”

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