Pixel Power strikes a winning formula at IBC

IBC 2017 was a turning point in our industry as technology met empowerment and understood the true business benefits. Broadcasters fully understand the power that software-defined playout enables and are keen to take advantage as quickly as possible.

Clients visited Pixel Power to witness software-defined playout with live master control and graphics on the Amazon AWS cloud demonstrated on the stand at IBC.

Although we have been demonstrating this for nearly two years IBC2017 (and this year with even more features) it is clear that broadcasters are now prepared to invest in technology that enables new ways to make money, retain viewers, reduce costs, empower talented staff and strengthen their brand with new products to offer the consumer.

The IBC Awards celebrated technology in all areas and Pixel Power was there with ITV, UK, finalist in the Content Creation category.

Click here to watch the interview on IBC TV News with Nick Haworth, Head of Technology, ITV (UK) and James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power.


Fast new channel deployment is key to success. Pixel Power was able to demonstrate how new channels can be deployed in a private data centre or via the public cloud with full sophisticated graphics & branding along with live incoming feeds.

Workflow Automation was a dominant phrase at the show. Pixel Power demonstrated completely automated workflows for VOD/OTT/Catch-up content packaging, Promo Versioning and intelligent automated branding for Live Versioning of channels.

Broadcasters can increase efficiencies, focus creative talent on their best skills and retain viewers – viewer retention is the key driver to improved advertising revenues.

Click here to see how ITV created a new automated promo-versioning platform.

And finally… Pixel Power celebrated 30 years of Innovation at IBC2017 by enjoying some light refreshments with customers and industry colleagues at the end of each day of the show.


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