TV News Check: News Graphics Sharpen As Workflow Eases

Pixel Powers Ciaran Doran discusses Graphics' Ad potential in TV News Checks latest article, New Graphics Sharpen as Workflow Eases.

Graphical elements in ads, such as those during a sporting event, can be updated moments before broadcast. Ciaran Doran, EVP international sales and marketing for Pixel Power, says ads can be made “dynamic” by including graphical elements that can be tracked and updated.

One application would be an online betting company placing an ad during half-time showing odds and encouraging people to go online and bet “which team’s going to win, or get the next goal, or get the next red card,” he says.

Alternatively, a sponsor may choose to congratulate an athlete for scoring the first goal in the game, he says. “It’s almost live.”

The ad connects the content of the ad with what has just happened in the game through the simple expedient of entering data into a text file to create the text, he says.

Such dynamic live ads are running on Sky TV and ITV, he says.

“We believe it earns them more revenue by making the viewer experience more engaging,” Doran adds.

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