Pixel Power Products

The systems you choose to create your graphics are as important as how your graphics look. Your tools need to support both your creativity and your workflow.

  • Pixel Factory

    File-based workflows promise flexibility—the ability to design your workflows and scale up or down to suit your business and your budget.

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Our other products include:

    • Clarity

      The systems you choose to create your graphics are as important as how your graphics look.
    • LogoVision

      Don’t leave your look to chance. Pixel Power LogoVision is the intelligent solution to meet a wide range of automated graphics playout and channel branding needs.
    • BrandMaster

      Your channels can be beautiful and smart. Your branding of those channels is as important as the content that runs across them. Now there is a master control solution designed with your operations in mind.
    • ChannelMaster

      Whether you are launching new channels, protecting existing ones or streamlining facilities, an integrated playout solution needs the flexibility and scalability to meet the specific needs of your business.
    • Pixel OnDemand

      Few things frustrate innovation like valuable equipment that is idle. Depreciating capital sitting unused in a rack is at odds with the operating and revenue plans of the new generation of TV services.
    • Pixel Promo

      When it comes to branding and promotions, the mantra is simple—be consistent, be noticeable, get it right and do it again and again.
    • Pixel Prep

      Pixel Prep software provides a complete, offline solution to create, animate and preview graphics and templates for any Pixel Power graphics playout system. It is the cost-effective solution to optimize the use of your valuable graphics hardware resources.
    • NewsRoom

      Pixel Power Newsroom solutions restore order to graphics production for the newsroom. We embed graphics capability throughout the environment to optimize production and playout workflows.
    • Gallium Workflow

      With Gallium, Pixel Power’s scheduling, asset management and automation system, we’ve challenged assumptions about complexity and productivity in master control.
    • Toolbox

      One-size does not always fit all. Pixel Power Control Toolbox lets you create fully customized control interfaces for any Pixel Power graphics playout device.
    • Buzz

      Buzz is the smart and easy way to add social media to your broadcast