Don’t let social media overwhelm you.

The broadcast landscape is dotted with complex, costly systems that push you straight into the deep end. Yet the road to monetization and tangible benefits is unclear.


Buzz is the smart entry point for adding social media to your broadcast. Engage with and take the measure of your audience, reliably moderate contributions from Twitter or other social media streams then seamlessly integrate the content within your Pixel Power graphics workflow for effortless, automated on air display. Buzz is the social media management you need to build engagement and develop a proper business strategy.

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Buzz software is a natural extension of your graphics workflow that requires no special technical skill to operate. In fact, its interface was designed with non-technical staff in mind and training requirements are minimal. Multiple social media feeds are displayed for the user within a single, integrated display. Moderation, modification and approvals can be handled with ease from local or remote desktops using a simple user interface. With a single click, approved output automatically populates existing graphics templates driven by any installed Pixel Power graphics playout system.

Buzz Social Media Management Software Demo

Watch how Buzz makes aggregating and approving tweets simple.

Buzz enables:

  • Review, edit and approve content with ease
  • Single click publication and insertion to on air templates
  • Consolidate multiple social media feeds within one display
  • Keyword search to discover trends and relevant contributions
  • Track topics so valuable contributions get attention
  • Sky Television, Pixel Power & Automated Promo Versioning

    December 10 2018

    Sky Television talks about its evolution of Promo Versioning culminating in the deployment of Gallium FACTORY from Pixel Power to automate the production of multiple versions of trailers and  promos, ensuring correct-first-time accuracy and ultra-high productivity for everything from thematic channels to Sky Sports.

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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