How you bring a channel to air is as much a decision about your business as it is a choice of technology. Whether you are launching new channels, protecting existing ones or streamlining facilities, an integrated playout solution needs the flexibility and scalability to meet the specific needs of your business.

What you don’t need is compromise.

Pixel Power Channel Master


ChannelMaster is a complete integrated playout system used to maximize your brand, grow revenue, and ensure the integrity of your signal chain and your business.

ChannelMaster reduces the traditional, complex signal path for playout to a single efficient system. Now a minimal amount of equipment can be used to reach a diverse audience that uses multiple viewing platforms without sacrificing flexibility or capability. That means budgets for equipment and staff are not barriers to delivering compelling services.

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The right fit

Working with Gallium or your existing automation and MAM systems, ChannelMaster’s simplified workflows enable broadcasters to make the most of their digital channels. We’ve leveraged our experience in branding—from the critical little things like placing logos and sponsorship graphics to automating complex template graphics—to ensure the right look is delivered to air. Creatively streamlined workflows abstract away the barriers to success.

ChannelMaster Duo *New

ChannelMaster Duo is a two-channel configuration of our ChannelMaster system delivering two independent channels simultaneously from a single system. This dramatically lowers the cost of delivering a channel and expands the options available to playout centers and other multi-channel facilities.

Now there is no need to compromise on reliability or quality to meet a channel budget. ChannelMaster Duo is a 3RU rugged hardware system with built in best of breed graphics.

ChannelMaster Duo is fully compatible with, and upgradeable to, any other ChannelMaster configuration including ChannelMaster Clips and ChannelMaster 3D. This adaptability provides tremendous flexibility to address changing playout requirements over time.


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Channel in a box with a difference

Your brand and your identity are what set your channel apart. ChannelMaster is the only channel in a box system backed by a 25 year pedigree in graphics. Your channel will look and sound complete with all the sophisticated graphics elements, clips, video, DVE moves and audio tools you need with the automation to bring it effortlessly and reliably to air.

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Every production and playout system from Pixel Power gives you the power of the legendary Clarity Graphics engine with built-in support for both HD and SD requirements. More than just a global standard of the highest quality and easiest workflows, that shared pedigree is key to flexibility. There is perfect continuity between our products, enabling them to effortlessly share graphics, templates, controls, automation and communications. Not only can you upgrade products within their own family, but they can also be reconfigured into a different product family. You’ll always have the confidence of the highest engineered standards for reliability.

ChannelMaster integrates:

  • Storage
  • Graphics
  • 2D/3D DVE
  • Audio
  • Subtitling
  • Master control switcher
  • Upstream router control
  • Video server
  • Transition between internal and external sources

What you can achieve with ChannelMaster

  • Quickly bring new channels to air
  • Reduce reliance on legacy equipment
  • Reduce per channel operating costs
  • Deploy reliable disaster recovery
  • Integrate with any automation and MAM system
  • Add clips and 3D capability
  • Expand a playout facility
  • The Opportunities for Virtualized Playout

    December 5 2017

    "In the past broadcasters were prepared to pay 100 percent of the price for a product where they used 60 percent of the features 40 percent of the time,” said Ciaran Doran, executive vice president at Pixel Power while speaking to Peter Suciu, TV Technology for his article looking at the endless possibilities for Virtualized Playout, along with Imagine Communications, Snell Advanced Media, Harmonic and Grass Valley.

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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