The systems you choose to create your graphics are as important as how your graphics look. Your tools need to support both your creativity and your workflow.

Pixel Power Clarity means never having to choose between visual impact and smart operations.

Legendary Clarity Graphics

Clarity is the complete graphics system to address your live production and graphics playout requirements from a single, tightly integrated system. It delivers everything you need to create stunning graphics for any live or automated production setting-- CG, Still Store, Video Clips, Audio, 2D and 3D DVE and downstream keyer—all in one streamlined device capable of simultaneously supporting the 2D and 3D needs of multiple channels with the highest quality output.

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Live Production

Clarity is ideally suited to News, Sports, Studio, Mobile, Stadium and Religious applications. The easy to use Clarity user interface is operator friendly for template creation and live operation in pressured environments. Clarity is highly configurable with options for single and dual channel systems with support for multiple clip players and real-time 3D animation.

Incredible Teamwork

Clarity shines when used to prepare content and the best way to create, QC and publish templates for LogoVision graphics playout systems, BrandMaster master control branding switchers or ChannelMaster channel in a box system. It is built with reliability and flexibility needed for use in Master Control where it can run everything from simple IDs and crawls to complex promos driven by automation. Populate promos and other templates at playout, automatically drawing data from automation, traffic, and production systems to deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Every production and playout system from Pixel Power gives you the power of the legendary Clarity Graphics engine with built-in support for both HD and SD requirements. More than just a global standard of the highest quality and easiest workflows, that shared pedigree is key to flexibility. There is perfect continuity between our products, enabling them to effortlessly share graphics, templates, controls, automation and communications. Not only can you upgrade products within their own family, but they can also be reconfigured into a different product family. You’ll always have the confidence of the highest engineered standards for reliability.

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Clarity Delivers:

  • Integrated Character Generator, still store, 2D & 3D DVE and 3D timeline tools in a compact 3RU design
  • Back to back clip playback support
  • Familiar CG interface provides gateway to unlimited creative potential
  • Simple java scripting facilitates intelligent template functionality
  • Powerful audio suite: synchronize & trigger playout of graphics and multi track audio elements; duck, mute & mix for VOs ; Dolby processing embedded and AES I/O
  • Configurable as one channel with preview or two independent channels

What You Can Achieve With Clarity:

  • Ease of use means rapid creation right up to air time
  • Playout graphics manually or under full automation control
  • Deliver stunning 2D and 3D graphics in real-time
  • Astounding news graphics through seamless integration with news productions systems
  • Bring external data sources to life with integration with - stats, results, social media and more.
  • Create and QC sophisticated templates for use on other Pixel Power devices

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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