Few things frustrate innovation like valuable equipment that is idle. Depreciating capital sitting unused in a rack is at odds with the operating and revenue plans of the new generation of TV services.


Break Free from CAPEX

OnDemand turns traditional graphics infrastructure accounting on its head and provides an answer to the intermittent needs of nonlinear, store-and-play content delivery operations, playout facilities, venues, IPTV channels, VoD services, mobile content providers, news operations and second screen applications. It also provides flexibility and pricing that helps pilot projects get going, encourages new thinking, and drives growth.

For the first time, OnDemand lets you pay for the rendering time you actually use, rather than investing in under-utilized capacity. OnDemand works as easily as a debit card: buy a block of rendering time, use it as needed, and then order another block when you run low.

No Compromises

Saving money doesn’t mean cutting corners. OnDemand makes no compromise in quality or functionality. In fact the output from OnDemand is pixel-for-pixel identical to a Clarity system. Create the most sophisticated branding, promo and creative graphics without limits. OnDemand supports the automated population of graphics templates. It even offers the same options for Clips and 3D graphics you find on all other Pixel Power graphics systems.

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Easy to Own

OnDemand runs on standard, off-the-shelf IT servers for easy deployment and effortless updating and upgrading as needs evolve.

Built-in Gallium workflow management supports fully-automated, unattended workflows. Comprehensive, yet easily configurable load balancing and queue management optimizes the use of OnDemand graphics resources across multiple local and geographically distributed installations.

OnDemand includes:

  • Work order based production of graphics
  • Flexible, server-based implementation of the Clarity graphics engine which composites graphics over media files

Full range of Clarity Graphics applications:

  • Integrated Character Generator, still store, 2D & 3D DVE and 3D timeline tools
  • Back to back clip playback support
  • Simple java scripting facilitates intelligent template functionality
  • Powerful audio suite: synchronize & trigger playout of graphics and multi track audio elements; duck, mute & mix for VOs ; Dolby processing embedded and AES I/O
  • Usage based—pay only when graphics are output
  • Highest visual quality output
  • Built-in workflow management, load balancing and queue management of local and distributed resources

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With Pixel OnDemand you can:

  • Expand or contract graphics capability based on demand
  • Quickly launch new, polished services for any delivery platform
  • Pilot new workflows at low risk and low cost
  • Produce graphics overlays for QC, web delivery or post production
  • Create graphics for program material and graphics overlays for thematic/static channels for playout by video or streaming file server
  • Add promos and graphics watermarking to multi-screen or video on demand content.
  • Save time and moneyby supporting existing Pixel Power templates and advanced automation of data sources
  • Realize high equipment utilization
  • Maintain the same graphics creation workflow for both live and rendered content

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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