Media creation and delivery is, of course, moving to IP. One of the most important benefits of the move will come when key functionality is implemented solely in software, capable of running on standard IT platforms.

StreamMaster is the perfect partner for your transition to IP playout.

Introducing StreamMaster

StreamMaster takes the remarkable functionality, graphics capability and image quality of the existing Pixel Power master control and integrated playout systems, and implements them in software to run on commodity hardware. StreamMaster is designed to support virtualisation– a channel without a box - but can also be supplied with SDI I/O to support hybrid and transitional environments.
This revolutionary approach allows broadcasters and media companies to get professional playout on air – and particularly online – quickly and at manageable cost, delivering maximum benefits from the transition to IP.

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Agile architecture

StreamMaster is built on the premise of frame rate, frame size and codec agnosticism. Pixel Power undertakes to support new formats as they appear for true sustainability; that is one of the genuine benefits of a modular software system.

It also opens up a path to new pricing models. For those who still prefer a capex model then you can of course buy the product outright. But new and flexible menu-pricing models allow broadcasters and service providers to move to pay-as-you-go, matching the changing needs of the business with pricing that is directly linked to income. Users should only pay for the features they need, now and forever.

Bridging the transition

StreamMaster is designed to operate in the IP environment perhaps as part of a virtualised playout operation housed in a data centre. However, recognising the need for transition in most broadcast operations, the same software platform can run in dedicated hardware, and supports SDI I/O cards to ensure the system is as effective on today’s broadcast infrastructure as in the IP environment.

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  • Reduces costs through use of IP infrastructure
  • Supports virtualization
  • Rapid deployment
  • Bridges transition to IP
  • Range of pricing models covering pay-as-you-go and Capex
  • Includes Pixel Power best of breed core graphics engine (Clarity)
  • Open API for Automation control
  • The Opportunities for Virtualized Playout

    December 5 2017

    "In the past broadcasters were prepared to pay 100 percent of the price for a product where they used 60 percent of the features 40 percent of the time,” said Ciaran Doran, executive vice president at Pixel Power while speaking to Peter Suciu, TV Technology for his article looking at the endless possibilities for Virtualized Playout, along with Imagine Communications, Snell Advanced Media, Harmonic and Grass Valley.

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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