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Media creation and delivery is, of course, moving to IP. One of the most important benefits of the move will come when key functionality is implemented solely in software, capable of running on standard IT platforms.

StreamMaster DELIVER is the perfect partner for your transition to IP playout.

StreamMaster DELIVER takes the remarkable functionality, graphics capability and image quality of the existing Pixel Power master control and integrated playout systems, and implements them in software to run on commodity hardware.

StreamMaster DELIVER is designed to support virtualisation – a channel-in-a-box system but without the limitations of the traditional propriatary box - and all the benefits of future proof versatility where new features and standards can be implemented very quickly.

SDI I/O is also available to support hybrid and transitional environments.

This evolutionary approach allows broadcasters and media companies to get professional playout on air – and particularly online – quickly and at manageable cost, delivering maximum benefits during their transition to IP.

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  • Pixel Power deploys powerful branding engine for Virgin Media Television (formerly TV3) Ireland

    September 12 2018

    Leading Irish commercial broadcaster moves to new generation COTS based branding.Virgin Media Television in Ireland has deployed Pixel Power StreamMaster BRAND, a powerful new branding and graphics playout platform following a requirement for a new graphics system that would deliver efficiencies across the design and transmission departments, automatically handle schedule changes with the right graphics and branding, and offer the ability to easily override the system with a simple user interface in a ‘breaking news’ situation. 

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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