StreamMaster Media Processing


StreamMaster Media Processing enables broadcasters to execute processing functions on media content. Running on COTS hardware on-premise, in a data-center or in the public cloud StreamMaster Media Processing enables authoring, transcoding, logo and graphics insertion, content rendering, real-time master control, real-time graphics and DVE.

StreamMaster Media Processing

Flexible, bespoke, modular and with completely new pricing models, these new technology platforms offer broadcasters the opportunity to acquire just the features or functional blocks that they need and only pay for them when they use them. The days of buying a hardware product where you only use 60% of the features 40% of the time are gone.


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Solutions based on StreamMaster Media Processing Technology Platform

StreamMaster BRAND
StreamMaster BRAND is a software defined branding and graphics playout engine designed for 24/7 operation in a transmission environment. Using a singular workflow StreamMaster BRAND is designed to meet a wide range of automated graphics playout and channel branding needs. It is an efficient and highly cost-effective solution for delivering graphics reliably and without operator intervention.
Designed for autonomous operation and with no direct user interface StreamMaster BRAND enables a complete and effortless flow of on-screen information such as Branding, Promos, Stock Data, Weather news, Sports updates or News briefings.

StreamMaster DELIVER
StreamMaster DELIVER is a software defined integrated playout engine designed for 24/7 production of simple or complex linear TV channels in a wide variety of environments including dedicated server or virtualized in a private data centre or in the public cloud.
Using a singular workflow StreamMaster DELIVER goes further than standard playout systems by enabling you to maximise your brand and grow revenues through the creation of dedicated content for multi-platform delivery. Running on COTS hardware StreamMaster DELIVER offers you the choice whether to host your playout, automation, master-control and branding applications on-premise, in a private data centre or in the public cloud. StreamMaster DELIVER offers media playback, real-time master control of live feeds, real-time graphics and DVE with SDI and/or IP streams.

A significant advantage of a software-defined solution is the ability to create new operational benefits such as on-demand usage and pricing models. Individual features can be purchased outright or bought on a pay-as-you-go basis by the quarter or hour.

Case study

To improve playout flexibility, Prime TV needed to overhaul its playout operations including the core functions of master control, channel branding and automation.

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