Professional services

Pixel Power Professional ServicesPixel Power can help take the stress and strain out of getting your plans and aspirations delivered. Through combining our knowledge and skills with a partnership approach of understanding your business needs and environment, we engineer and manage projects that deliver the results you expect.

Commissioning & Acceptance Testing

This is the process where we configure and test the systems to ensure readiness for use by your creative and operations staff. Typically that means the system is ready for user training to begin.

This may include:

  • Establish user accounts in the OS
  • Set-up auto-logon
  • Establish required network shares
  • Configure software for:
  • Local preferences
  • Global preferences
  • User preferences
  • Hardware configuration
  • Video and audio configuration
  • Writing system logs
  • Automatic email notification
  • Health status monitoring
  • Setup any required automation interfaces
  • Verify connectivity between systems including the ability to copy jobs with assets
  • Confirm responsiveness to external automation/control

Please note that site specific documentation is not included in routine commissioning if this is required be sure to request this during the purchasing process.

Operational and Creative Consultancy

Pixel Power Support can provide best practice consultancy advice enabling you to maximize the benefit of your investment in Pixel Power equipment. Examples of the advice that may be given include:

  • How to best use Clarity functions to meet a specific design/branding requirement.
  • Operational and workflow issues.
  • Optimal graphics template and page construction.
  • Template job structuring and optimization.
  • Job integrity evaluation.
  • Awareness of forthcoming new features.

Project Management

We understand that not every client has the resources in-house to deliver significant projects. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry it makes sense to trust the Pixel Power team with this role.

We offer a range of options so that we can provide help where you need it most, from initial consultancy resulting in a solution proposal right through to planning and design, organizing installation and commissioning and finally training and on-going support services. Call us to discuss how we can help.

Go to Air Assistance

The key emphasis of support in this package is to minimize the risk of on-air issues as the creative work or operational testing moves to transmission. Even with the best technical specialists on side with job integrity and functional testing there is always the possibility of an unexpected event. Our experts will be on standby at the critical time to help respond to the unexpected.