Promo Versioning


Promo Versioning

Imagine being able to eliminate 50% of your manual work in Promo Versioning and saving hundreds of hours production work and time for your organisation. Would you be interested in the increased profits and business efficiencies?

Gallium FACTORY can fully automate the creation of all versions of your promos and can significantly improve your in-channel and cross-channel marketing campaigns - and reduce your costs at the same time.
Gallium FACTORY makes sophisticated promo campaigns efficient and affordable.

By automating channel graphics for Promo Versions you can

  • Reduce costs of creating multiple unique channel graphics through use of intelligent automation.
  • Accelerate time-to-air for channel graphics, allowing more campaigns to be created for improved channel retention and increased revenue.
  • Remove repetitive manual steps and free up key creative staff.
  • Avoid errors in the creation chain by agreeing all details at the beginning with the marketing team.
  • Respond to late campaign changes by having the technology automatically create the graphics for you - not previously feasible with manual turnaround.

Ensure your promos are always up to date, the right commercials are delivered and content enhancements are spectacular with best of breed graphics & branding from Pixel Power.

Pixel Power empowers you to cost effectively deliver the right content, to the right audience, every time.

 Pixel Power Promo Versioning