Video On Demand


Video On Demand

Rather than waiting until a program has aired to then take the content and re-purpose it for delivery on other platforms, Gallium FACTORY from Pixel Power automates the preparation of content for Live, VOD and Catchup channels all at the same time while preparing it for multi-platform delivery to the consumer.

The best way to prepare content is with the end result in mind. Pixel Power has created a complete, integrated and automated Linear and VOD/Catch-up channel playout system that offers the broadcaster significant operational savings and revenue opportunities

Give your viewers the option to start watching the VOD or Catch-up programs before live transmission completes - or jump back to the beginning of an on-air program.


  • VOD and Catch-uip content available to consumers immediately
  • Render content faster than real time as your comput power enables
  • Auto-prepare on-demand channels by synchronizing a copy of the linear channel with a single schedule
  • Significantly reduce operational costs
  • Ensure consistent branding across all linear and VOD/Catch-up channels
  • Ensure correct branding for VOD/Catch-up services
  • Retain viewers with auto-inserted targeted branding
  • Easily cut out or replace commercials for specific audiences